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Mobile Home Financing Arkadelphia AR

The formula for a successful real estate deal has not changed. The elements are the same today as they have been since the first Neanderthal figured out he had the cave with the highest and best use (value).

Wheels Motor & RV
(479) 306-5555
1284 Henry DeTonti Blvd
Siloam Springs, AR
Models Available
Toy Hauler Rentals

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Mayflower RV
(888) 869-6122
87 Interstate Drive
Mayflower, AR
Crabtree RV
(800) 251-6816
400 Heather Lane
Alma, AR
New Hope Rv\\'S
(479) 659-3082
317 North 6Th Place
Lowell, AR
Models Available
Meridian 212

Great Escapes RV Center
(877) 203-4919
3333 Hwy 101
Gamaliel, AR
Wheels RV
(877) 681-5051
1358 W Henri De Tonti Blvd
Springdale, AR
Karsten Company of Texas (CMH Manufacturing, Inc.)
(254) 559-6100
Fort Smith, AR
Manufactured Homes

AOK Springdale RV
(479) 361-2077
3063 W. Henri De Tonti
Springdale, AR
Moix RV Supercenter
(888) 664-9780
1213 Collier Drive
Conway, AR
Camping World Rv Sales, Llc
(501) 219-4420
9801 Diamond Dr
North Little Rock, AR
Models Available
Meridian 212

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Buy Your Mobile Home Park at the Intersection

Russell JamesSuccessful real estate and other investments usually require a business plan. The recent meltdown of our capital markets, equities (stock market) and housing bubble painfully illustrates that no business plan was being followed; rather society was resting on the inflationary momentum of irresponsible credit extension. Thus, the paper wealth illusion has been erased almost overnight, not to mention the disruption of business, individual lifestyles and tremendous uncertainty for the future. But, the harsh reality is that with every disaster, there is opportunity.

The formula for a successful real estate deal has not changed. The elements are the same today as they have been since the first Neanderthal figured out he had the cave with the highest and best use (value).

Capital markets are national.

The capital (money) to finance your mobile home park acquisition can be in the form of debt or equity. Debt capital includes loans from banks and financial institutions. As we discussed earlier, credit in the form of debt capital from banks is gut shot and moaning in the thicket. But unlike the bushwhacker in the cowboy movies, it will not die, but live to work for us all again. It has too. Seventy percent of the U.S. economy is funded by consumer spending and our government (the invisible hand) is taking steps to make sure the appropriate aggregate demand drives us back to prosperity.

Banks will soon be providing low interest loans. Tip: Ask your local bank if it holds and services its own paper (loan). If the answer is yes, it is not securitized but remains in the community in which you are purchasing real estate. Good debt is leverage, and as Archimedes stated, with a long enough lever you can move the earth. Bad debt with high interest rates and onerous terms is bad business. Debt capital (loans) offered to you with fair interest rates but mandating over-collateralization should be re-negotiated. 

Equity capital includes private funding from friends and family members (sometimes, but not always the same people), local investors, maybe your doctor or plumber, and often involves selling stock or a percentage of ownership in your mobile home park. If you are confident with your numbers and can provide a return of 8 - 12%, equity capital may work for a particular deal. Offering unrealistic returns is a predicator of failure and scares money people away. Tip: Control investor influence through a well written shareholder's agreement and offer non-voting shares.  You can sell 95% of your stock and control 100% of the voting rights. 

Space markets are local.

Whether you utilize debt or equity capital, the challenge now becomes the space market. The space market is local and by definition it will always remain local. The money is the easy part. Understanding the space market well enough to invest your capital...

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