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HUD Manufactured Homes Williston ND

When today's buyers take possession of a newly purchased manufactured home they can be assured that it was built to a stringent set of national regulations that ensure the safety and construction of manufactured homes.

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Importance of the HUD Code

The HUD Code is Very Important to Buyers
Sun 02/04/07 09:16:11 am
By Len Bonifield

When today's buyers take possession of a newly purchased manufactured home they can be assured that it was built to a stringent set of national regulations that ensure the safety and construction of manufactured homes.

This came about in 1974 when Congress directed the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to establish a set of construction and safety standards for manufactured homes throughout the country. These standards, known as the "HUD CODE," have evolved over the past 32 years. These established standards were required to take into account existing state and local laws related to manufactured homes.

It is worthy of mention here that when a manufactured home meets all the requirements of the HUD Code as well as the requirements of state and local laws the buyer is assured of a home that is as safe and as well built, or better, than a site built home.

The HUD Code consists of two major parts. The first, Part 3280, "Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards," concerns itself with the standards to which the home must perform and conform; in other words, the construction part of the code.

Part 3282, "Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations," explains who is in charge of looking over whose shoulder to make sure the home complies with Part 3280.

Every HUD Code manufactured home is built in a factory, under controlled conditions, and has a special label affixed on the exterior indicating that it has been designed, constructed, tested and inspected to comply with the stringent federal standards set out in the code. No home may be released and shipped until it complies with the code as certified by an independent third party inspector who is certified by HUD.

To the buyer, it means that the factory-built home has been built according to more demanding building requirements, under controlled conditions and more closely inspected than any site built home.

The HUD Code is unique since it is specifically designed for compatibility with the factory production process. Performance standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems are established by the code. There are performance requirements for structural design, construction, fire safety, energy efficiency, and built with the same materials used in site built homes.

The fact that the home is built in a factory, where the materials are always in a controlled environment, never subject to harsh out door conditions, sun, rain, etc., provides a tremendous advantage over site built homes.

Factory-built homes have the advantage of using engineered design applications and the most cost-efficient assembly-line techniques to produce a quality home at a much lower cost per square foot over a site built home. It can be as much as 25 percent to 35 percent less. A HUD Code home can be customized by the buyer, built to the stringent HUD Code...

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