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Manufactured Housing Jobs Miami FL

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Manufactured Housing Jobs. You will find helpful, informative articles about Manufactured Housing Jobs, including "Looking For A Manufactured Housing Job? Punch Up Your Resume!". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Miami, FL that will answer all of your questions about Manufactured Housing Jobs.

Lucy Ridgeway
cell - 305-720-7682
Miami, FL
Coaching Types
Life, Career, Relationship
University of Miami Certified Coach
Membership Organizations

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Jane M Morales
(305) 323-8973
Coral Gables
Miami, FL
Mrs. Lucy A. Ridgeway
(305) 448-8271
1101 Columbus Blvd. Coral Gables
Miami, FL
Britt Marie Berglind, Psychaoanalysis and psychotherapy
(305) 960-7611
90 Edgewater Dr Suite 1209 Coral Gables
Miami, FL
Mimi RivinusACC
(305) 644-2547
4425 Ponce De Leon Coral Gables
Miami, FL
Jaime Yordan-Frau
(954) 435-8435
Hollywood, FL
Coaching Types
Executive, Business, Career

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Mrs. Ileana (Ellie) Manso Kane, Life Purpose Coach
(305) 206-2332
5794 Sw 40Th Street #142
Miami, FL
Mrs. Odile Carru, Certified Coach
(786) 547-2390
2977 Mcfarlane Road Suite #301
Miami, FL
Ms. Barbara A Garcia-Soliman, MCHT, CHT, CSMC, RMT
(305) 788-4360
Miami, FL
Dr. Louise Y Driscoll
(305) 284-2727
5050 Brunson Drive 111 Allen Hall Coral Gables
Miami, FL
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Looking For A Manufactured Housing Job? Punch Up Your Resume!

Looking For A Manufactured Housing Job? Punch Up Your Resume!
Tue 10/31/06 08:20:55 am
Put yourself in front of the pack

There are reportedly 12 million resumes floating around on the Internet. The competition for the better jobs is tough. How do you make it through the maze to get recognition and the interview opportunity rather than have your resume end up on the H/R Director's stack of "things to do someday"?

There are some myths around that go something like this "A good Salesman can sell anything", "A good Manufacturing Manager can do well in any product environment", "A good Engineering Manager can do well regardless of the product line". Don't believe it, particularly if you are seeking a career opportunity with an upward move or a greater chance for advancement.

Let's face it, you and I will be paid based on our past accomplishments and future contribution ability. If you have been five years as a Production Manager of HUD Code Housing and you want to make an industry change to R/V's or some other product line, prepare for a learning curve period that will seriously affect your income and probably require you to start at the bottom and work your way up. By staying with Industry that you have built your equities in you'll be much further ahead monetarily.

Put yourself in front of the "pack' by listing your accomplishments separately. Work history chronologically (by dates) with a title and brief description of duties and product line, detailed listing of accomplishments (verifiable) separately. Make this list as long and detailed as possible.

Some ideas may be:

  • Reduced labor content by innovative scheduling by 2.3%.
  • Reduced scrap loss by closer control systems by 10%.
  • Contributed to Union Contract rewriting saving employer 11% of direct labor.
  • Cut hourly turnover by 33%.
  • Increased market share 16% in first year, 14% second year.
  • Reduced selling price by 3% yet increased bottom line by 66%.
  • Include anything and everything you have accomplished since your entry into the Industry. Be sure to take the verification back up material with you on the interview. Concentrate on your accomplishments. By listing them you put your credentials light years ahead of the competition!   Even though candidates and job opportunities can be found through various resources, there has been no single source available until now.  Recognizing the need within the Manufactured Structures Industry for a nationwide career resource,   was developed.  Industry career seekers can post resumes and search jobs for free.  They attracts the best available candidates through extensive recruiting and advertising programs. Industry employers and recruiters are able to post job listings, and search resumes nationwide.   This new organization is committed to providing an affordable resource to employers and job seekers alike.  Visit thier web site and upload your resume toda...

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