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Mobile Home Parks Miami FL

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Mobile Home Parks. You will find helpful, informative articles about Mobile Home Parks, including "How To Harness The Best Opportunity To Buy Mobile Home Parks" and "List of 10 Things to Look for or Lookout for When Buying a Mobile Home Park in the Current Economy!". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Miami, FL that will answer all of your questions about Mobile Home Parks.

Re/Max United Realty
(305) 575-2727
1607 Ponce de Leon BlvdSuite 105
Coral Gables, FL
Re/Max Advance Realty Ii
(305) 598-2127
11010 SW 88th stSte 200
Miami, FL
Re/Max Executive Realty
(954) 862-2600
1939 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL
The Promenade
(305) 374-5455
333 S. Miami Ave., Ste. 150
Miami, FL
Kaizen Realty Partners
(305) 500-5554
8800 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL
Re/Max Advance Realty
(305) 444-7111
7220 Red Rd
South Miami, FL
Re/Max Ultra Realty Group
(305) 932-1771
2875 NE 191st StLobby Level Ste 102
Aventura, FL
The Promenade
(305) 374-5455
333 S. Miami Ave., Ste. 150
Miami, FL

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Guilford Property Group, Inc
(305) 661-1902
5250 SW 76th Street
Miami, FL
High Street Retail USA
(305) 868-4595
1001 Brickell Bay Dr #3112
Miami, FL
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How To Harness The Best Opportunity To Buy Mobile Home Parks

How To Harness The Best Opportunity To Buy Mobile Home Parks
Thu 09/25/08 10:11:58 pm
By Frank Rolfe

If your definition of a good buy is to buy low, and buy when “there is blood in the streets”, then this is the time to buy mobile home parks. Prices have never been lower, and sellers more desperate, since the mid-1990s. And there does not appear to be any improvement on the horizon. This buyers market will last at least through next year. But as soon as the credit market recovers, then that’s the end of the window of opportunity. How did the market change so fast?


Mobile home parks have remained one of the most stable and predictable of real estate asset classes. The loan failure rate is nearly zero. In fact, I have only ever seen firsthand one park in foreclosure. Why? Because mobile home park tenants are trapped with about a $3,000 cost to move their homes. Consequently, they can’t afford to move out of your mobile home park, even if they wanted to. Also, affordable housing is as much in demand today (or maybe more) than it was twenty years ago. And there are virtually no new mobile home parks built in the U.S. each year, so the supply side never increases. In fact, in some areas, such as Florida , the number of parks sold and converted to a higher use is alarmingly high. So, in effect, the number of parks in the U.S. is shrinking, not growing.

Repo Sale In Progress


So why the desperate sellers? In any asset type, there are always folks who want to sell due to retirement, health, marriage or estate problems. There are about seventy-five new parks that go on the market publicly (more privately) each month – but less than 1/3 of those are being sold to eat up that supply. And why is that? Because the lending market for mobile home park mortgages has virtually vanished overnight. Even though the default rate on such mortgages is virtually non-existent, the whole industry has been lumped in with the rest of the commercial real estate mortgage market. There is no market to securitize commercial loans on Wall Street. And the prime lenders on mobile home parks have ceased to make new loans. As a result, although the number of buyers has not gone away for parks, the ability of these buyers to get loans has shrunk enormously. After a seller has had their property tied up two or three times by buyers only to see the deal collapse, they get very concerned and lose their patience and confidence. And the result is price collapse.


How bad is it? We’re seeing four-star, REIT quality parks being offered at 10% to 12% caps. This is not junk, this is prime real estate. The lesser parks are being offered at caps up to 15%. Of course, you have to sort through all the bad deals to find these, but the tools are out there to help you make this sort. If you go to a site such as , you will find around 1,000 parks for sale, and about 10% of these have ...

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List of 10 Things to Look for or Lookout for When Buying a Mobile Home Park in the Current Economy!

List of 10 Things to Look for or Lookout for When Buying a Mobile Home Park in the Current Economy!
Wed 11/26/08 11:45:38 pm
by Dave Reynolds

Price based on Current Occupancy - it is difficult to fill parks with homes today and paying extra for vacant lots is a no-no in most markets.  
Parks with vacant homes that can be rehabbed and still priced based on current occupancy (or a little higher).  It is much easier to rehab and sell homes than it is to buy, move in, and set up homes.  In this case, if the homes can be rehabbed and there is a market to sell or rent the homes (and there usually is), then this may be a viable community.

Parks with a diverse economy - no 1 horse towns or cities with a rapidly declining population!
City utilities if possible
Parks with under market rents or the ability to submeter and pass on the water and sewer charges
Watch out for parks that have sewer plants, lagoons, and wells and they are not big enough to support a replacement system down the road (it is easier to swallow a $150,000 upgrade on a 200 space park than a 25 space park).
Parks with good infrastructure (utilities, roads, etc) or if the infrastructure is bad make sure that the discounted price covers the necessary repairs.
Seller financing is a real plus these days!
Size of lots is always a key factor.
Parks with lot rents that are in the $125 to $250 range.  These typically will have better opportunity for rent increases and typically can be purchased at cap rates at 10% or higher.

Dave Reynolds has purchased 10 mobile home communities in the past 12 months alone. He is immersed in the business every day with this website, his current ownership of 15 mobile home parks, and several more to come. Dave has literally seen several thousands of potential mobile home parks to buy over the past 12 years and can look at a deal and decide within minutes whether it is worth looking at further.

With a degree in Accounting and Taxation and a background which includes owning over 60 mobile home parks, running and other real estate websites and other successful businesses,   ==========================================   Mobile Home Park Fortunes Are Made During Recessions
by Dave Reynolds -
The best time to buy something is when the market is in turmoil.” If you agree with that statement, then this is definitely the best time to buy a mobile home park in the past 20 years. And, like all cycles, it’s not going to...   Manufactured Housing Business Library
Investors, Owners, Dealers, Loan Offices Books and E-books, Video and Audio. Large collection of publications for the manufactured housing business. Every thing from how to invest and operate in a mobile home park to how to change a tub in a mobile home. Most make great seasonal gifts that both make you feel good ...

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