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Real Estate Appraisal Copperas Cove TX

Real estate appraisals involve certified real estate appraisors who make an appraisal plan, collect data, and assess the market value of the property. Some may also work in mobile home appraisals. See below for more information and local resources in Copperas Cove, TX that can give you access to real estate appraisals.

Bell County Of
(254) 634-7612
301 Priest Dr
Killeen, TX
Parker & Sutton Real Estate
(254) 526-5567
606 N 10th St
Killeen, TX
Casa Real Estate
(254) 699-4380
2201 S W S Young Dr Ste 117a
Killeen, TX
Pagel & Sons Jewelers
(254) 699-4653
2102 S W S Young Dr
Killeen, TX
Century 21 Diamond Realty Inc
(254) 634-2100
3400 E Cen-Tex Expwy Ste 107
Killeen, TX
Cole & Associates
(254) 526-5843
1702 Halbert St
Killeen, TX
Collector'S Corner-Antiques
(254) 526-4415
608 Odom Dr
Killeen, TX
Cooper James A Ifas
(254) 699-4380
2201 S W S Young Dr
Killeen, TX
Garvin Appraisals
(254) 680-4663
1507 S W S Young Dr
Killeen, TX
Home Inspection And Appraisal Service
(254) 699-5155
806 South Ws Young Dr
Killeen, TX

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Appraisal Secrets - Appraisal Standards and Processes
Sat 04/05/08 01:09:02 pm
by Dawn R Walker

Dawn R Walker - EzineArticles Expert Author

Have you always wanted to know the process that an appraiser goes through in completing an appraisal report? No, appraisers do not just pick values out of a hat!! There are six basic steps that appraisers follow for every appraisal. These include:


    • 1. Problem Definition
    • 2. Appraisal Plan
    • 3. Data Collection
    • 4. Data Analysis
    • 5. Final Value Estimate
    • 6. Written Report

      When we receive a request to perform an appraisal, appraisers generally define the assignment. There are four areas that an appraiser further investigates: type of value, type of property, effective date of appraisal and conditions. This is commonly referred to as "scope of work." The appraisal plan developed by the appraiser helps the appraiser organize the way in which he or she will approach the rest of the assignment. Collection of data includes the preparation for the visit of the subject and the actual viewing of the subject and the comparables. Next, appraisers organize all the data collected and discern between the credible and incredible information and ultimately decide which information will be used to prove the opinion of value. Step 5 is where the appraiser decides on the value. The final step is creating the written report which describes the entire appraisal process and supports the appraisers opinion of value.

      Appraisers are required to adhere to a set of standards which define their role in society and describe the appraisal process. These guidelines are referred to as USPAP, or The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Two groups govern USPAP and help develop the framework which appraisers work within: The Appraisal Foundation and The Appraisal Subcommittee.

      The Appraisal Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization established for educational and scientific purposes. TAF is made up of The Board of Trustees, The Appraisal Standards Board and The Appraisers Qualification Board. Between these three bodies, they develop, interpret, and amend USPAP and approve USPAP education. The Appraisal Subcommittee provides federal oversight of The Appraisal Foundation.

      And because every appraiser in the United States is guided by the same standards, consumers can expect a high level of uniformity in the types and extent of information provided in appraisal reports.

      To learn more about appraisers, appraisals and appraising, visit

      Dawn R Walker is a Certified Residential Appraiser committed to delivering elegant, complete appraisal reports on time for residential properties in the Los Angeles and surrounding Counties. Dawn is working as a professional and with professionals in many industries constructing appraisal reports that exceed expectations and providing customer service you will recommend to your associates ...

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