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Real Estate Financing Eagle ID

Local resource for real estate financing in Eagle, ID. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to real estate investment, monetary resources, immovable properties, rental income, as well as advice and content on personal and commercial properties.

Stoneridge Capital Inc
(208) 938-0965
827 S Bridge Way Pl
Eagle, ID
Countrywide Home Loans Inc
(208) 938-7726
408 S Eagle Rd#200
Eagle, ID
American Pacific Mortgage
(208) 938-2292
1117 E Plaza Dr
Eagle, ID
First Horizon Home Loan Corporation
(208) 938-6540
775 S Rivershore Lane Ste 220
Eagle, ID
Countrywide Mortgage Ventures LLC
(866) 342-1171
408 S Eagle Rd Ste 103
Eagle, ID
Vitek Real Estate Industries Group Inc
(208) 336-4899
661 S Rivershore Ln Ste 110
Eagle, ID
Custom Mortgage LLC
(208) 377-9566
460 S Fitness Place
Eagle, ID
Security Funding Home Loans Inc
(208) 939-0002
483 S Rivershore Ln Ste 101
Eagle, ID
Neighbors Financial Corp
(208) 861-6575
391 W State St Ste H
Eagle, ID
New Mexico Mortgage Company Inc
(208) 898-4790
10016 West Broadford Drive
Star, ID

The Guide to Financing and Refinancing your Mobile Home Park

The Guide to Financing and Refinancing your Mobile Home Park
Wed 09/24/08 09:48:47 am

If you assume that one of the keys to maximizing your return in real estate is leverage, then correctly financing your mobile home park is a key driver to maximum profitability. There are only two options when financing your mobile home park. The first is having the seller carry the note on the park. That is not covered here but in our other articles and materials, such as our CD's on “How To Buy A Mobile Home Park”. The other option is to borrow the money to buy the mobile home park through a bank or other lender. That is what this guide is a primer on. Probably 75% of all mobile home park acquisitions require bank lending as opposed to seller carry, so you will definitely be having to get a loan for a mobile home park at some time in your career. Getting the right loan is essential to making a success of your mobile home park purchase. We have probably over 50 successful applications and loan closings on commercial loans under our belts. With that much experience, you would think that we know everything about the process. However, with constant changes in the marketplace, such as the current lending crisis, the market is always changing. As a result, what we have outlined in this primer is the basic, essential knowledge, but you will still have to fine-tune it to meet your circumstances and the market conditions. Matching your loan req...

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