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Roof Remodeling Miami FL

There are several excellent roof over systems designed originally to lay over older MH metal roofs. These usually come in 12 inch wide aluminum pans that lock together and are screwed down to the original roof. These work well over metal or shingle roof systems.

Innovation Roofing
(954) 949-9713
17901 NW 68th Ave
Miami Lakes, FL
Monday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Commercial/Flat Roofing, Roofing

Exo Construction
(305) 218-8425
17649 N.W. 7 ct
Miami Gardens, FL
Drywall and Plaster, Demolition, Concrete Flatwork, Roofing, Additions, Handyman, Plaster & Stucco, Carpenters, Bathroom remodeling, Concrete Foundations, Commercial Property Maintenance
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Residential, Commercial, Emergency Services
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Hours : 7:00 AM to 5:00 AM M,T,W,T,F,S
Years in Business : 5 Years
Languages Spoken : English, Spanish
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General Liability Insurance : Yes
License # : cgc1516028

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Thompon'S Roofing
(954) 967-1918
7021 Park St
Hollywood, FL

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Aleluya Roofing Plus
(305) 261-8813
7351 Nw 7th St # H
Miami, FL

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Alliance Roof Coatings Miami
(866) 463-2770
5201 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL
Roof Coatings
Emergency Service Available
Membership Organizations
U.S. Green Building Council
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Roche Roofing, Inc.
995 SW 69th Ave.
Miami, FL
Specialty Contractor
Membership Organizations
Better Business Bureau, Certified Contractors Network (CCN), GAF ELK Master Elite, Latin Builders Association, Inc (LBA), National Roofing Contractors Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Avek Construction
(585) 244-7663
Po Box 801603
Miami, FL

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Del Sol Roofing
(305) 228-0218
7570 NW 14th St
Miami, FL

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Istueta Roofing
(305) 266-1011
7501 NW 7th St
Miami, FL

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Roofing Miami FLA Services
(305) 290-4211
7368 NW 12th Street #B
Miami, FL
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Roof Remodeling Options

Time to do something about your Roof ? You have a lot of choices today
Fri 08/31/07 11:08:17 am
Modern Manufactured Housing Renovation

You've got a lot of new choices today for manufactured home roof replacement. New engineered shingles are made to look like cedar or tile. Even metal roofs, the old standby for barns, have made a comeback with new colors, styles, and 50 year maintenance-free life expectancy.

If your thinking about putting a second layer of shingles over an existing shingle roof, most of the newer homes can take the weight of a second layer of shingles but it is not a great idea.

Some contractors will recommend a double layer of shingles routinely because of the major cost savings. BUT, there are many drawbacks to this method. More and more contractors are not even mentioning the double layered. They have discovered that they come back more often to make repairs on double layered shingles. Remember, the day will come when you will have to replace the shingles again. The work involved and cost for the removal of a double layer of shingles is staggering compared to a single layer. Some local building codes prohibit two shingle layers and almost all forbid adding a third layer.

While they may not look as good, older manufactured home metal roofs can last longer than shingle roofs with regular maintenance. Just paint the roof surface with a reflective roof coating product specially formulated for mobile home metal roofs. These paint on products protect against moisture and also reflect sunlight to keep your home's interior cooler. They are sold in 5 gallon buckets and generally cover up to 100 sq. ft. per gallon. There are many manufactured homes that are 30 years old that still have their original metal roofs. When these roofs have been treated on a three year cycle they, not only work as well as when new, they look great, freshly painted.

There are also inexpensive peel & seal self-stick Aluminum Roll Roofing. This is a self-adhering waterproofing material with a reflective aluminum surface. The sheet has multiple laminations of aluminum foil, high density polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound. The aluminum foil reflects the sun to lower rooftop temperature and reduce energy costs. The films stabilize and reinforce the sheet and act as the first line of defense against leaks. The rubberized asphalt seals tightly at the overlaps and around most punctures, and forms a long-lasting waterproof barrier. This fast application, roofing and waterproofing is available at the Manufactured Housing Parts Store

There are several excellent roof over systems designed originally to lay over older MH metal roofs. These usually come in 12 inch wide aluminum pans that lock together and are screwed down to the original roof. These work well over metal or shingle roof systems.

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