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Singlewide Trailers Aiken SC

This page provides useful content and local businesses that can help with your search for Singlewide Trailers. You will find helpful, informative articles about Singlewide Trailers, including "Making A Case For Singlewides". You will also find local businesses that provide the products or services that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Aiken, SC that will answer all of your questions about Singlewide Trailers.

Adept Home Repair
(803) 266-7752
1470 Blacks Dr
Williston, SC

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Carolina Real Estate Co The
(803) 648-8660
333 Park Ave SW
Aiken, SC

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Meybohm Realtors
(803) 278-4437
590 W Martintown Rd
North Augusta, SC

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Shamrock Realty
(803) 266-7955
7 W Main St Ste 1
Williston, SC

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Ziegler Real Estate
(803) 266-7444
12817 Main St
Williston, SC

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Christina Young, Realtor - Blanchard and Calhoun
(803) 643-1018
115 Laurens St SW Suite 201
Aiken, SC
Laissez Faire Sotheby's Realty
(803) 648-2216
120 Laurens St Nw
Aiken, SC

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Lydia Taylor, Realtor
(803) 270-5005
3308 Maplewood Drive
North Augusta, SC
Furtick Realty
(803) 266-3090
13011 Main St
Williston, SC

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Anastasia Eubanks
(803) 979-0775
208 Park Ave Sw
Aiken, SC
(Systems Engineering, Inc.)
Average Home Size
Usually sells 3 Bedrooms
Average Home Price
Average Sales Price: 152k (78k - 227k)

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Making A Case For Singlewides

Making A Case For Singlewides
Tue 12/18/07 11:06:52 am
by Grayson Schwepfinger

The latest statistics show that most sales for August of 2007 are again down over last year's sales! Multi section homes were down 14.7%. The surprising statistic was that single section homes were up 3.5%. If necessary, read that again, I said they were up not down.

Let's discuss what that statistic of the sale of single section homes could mean to your business. First let's look at the advantages that single section homes offer. First and perhaps foremost is the substantially lower cost of a delivered and set up home for the same amount of square feet. As an example, let's make a comparison with the average apartment. If you look at the weekend newspaper ads you will find that the average apartment with two or three bedrooms is around 800 to 900 square feet. A 14 by 70 ft single section home is 910 square feet and a 16 by 70 ft single section home is 1120 square feet. So you can see we are a very competitive choice to apartments from a size standpoint. When you take into consideration the tax benefits that substantially lower the monthly cost of any single section home, in most areas, we are also competitive on monthly cost figures as well as having the plus of building equity.

You also have the advantage of saving the cost of setting up a dual section home for display, having to tear it down when it is sold and then having to reassemble it on the customer's location.

Another advantage is that if you are selling to a prospect that may have to move because of a job transfer, or some other reason, single section homes are a lot less costly to move to a new location. They offer the least expensive way to buy a new summer/vacation home.

A 2-bedroom 2- bath, front and rear bedroom floor plan in many cases would be the perfect answer to the baby boomer who wants to downsize.

The two biggest problems with single section homes are finding someone who will finance them and a place where are you allowed to put them? A few articles back I provided a short list of lenders who were doing chattel mortgages. Since then the list has grown and the financing has become somewhat easier.

Now for the biggest of the two problems let's address if you sell a single section home where are you going to put it? In a good number of states this is still not a problem with either park spaces readily available or private land that allows their placement. If your state poses a problem then selling to someone who already owns an older home would be your best bet. In your state does not overly restrict placement then as the saying goes, the world is your oyster!

There are many older developments and parks that properly approached would welcome upgrading with new homes to maintain their desirability as well as rental fees. Many of these locations simply do not have the room for a multi-section home but can support a single section model. One way to prospect...

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